welcome to radio tori...i had this big collection of boots and things, and i just kept listening to my favorites over and over, so i decided to start playing something here every day instead for everybody in an attempt to get myself to get to some of the dusty ones i haven't blown off yet. send requests in the ask box, share concert stories, dedicate a song to somebody, and if that's you screaming on one of these recordings, tell us about it :)


Anonymous asked
hey! the berlin show from the gold dust tour was on the 15th, not the 14th.

ahhh thanks bby all fixed now

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Tori Amos - Black Swan
Plugged, Akron, OH 11/28/1998

I was driving through Akron yesterday for work, and I can’t help thinking about this show every time I’m through there. I have some personal history with the city as well, so this show takes me back to that time, too. I picked Black Swan for today because it’s so beautiful on the rare times when it comes out…I almost wish it came out on tour more often, but at the same time, that’s what makes it so special. It’s not super super rare, but rare enough, you know? anyways, here she is. for the akron boys.

gumdrops and saturdays
did eric call by the way?
he knew he knew he knew
where the pillow goes

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Tori Amos - Baker Baker
Gold Dust Orchestral Tour, Berlin, Germany 10/15/2012

if you see him, say “hi”

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Tori Amos - Amber Waves
Scarlet’s Walk, San Luis Obispo, CA 04/15/2003

this is the first song that i ever played in my new car after i started driving…i put in scarlet’s walk and took off with the windows down in june. sw is still my favorite cd to play on a summer drive, and today was the first day i’ve been able to drive with the windows down after what’s felt like one of the longest winters of my life (maybe the longest). scarlet’s walk weather is finally here.

this one’s for torisongs…thank you for the amazing recommendation…follow them immediately if you’re not! to quote another of my favorite sw songs, “i’m glad you’re on my side” ;)

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THANK YOU torisongs.tumblr.com for the amazing write up about this little blog! i absolutely LOVE your tumblr!

the next one’s for you :)

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Tori Amos - Songbird (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
Scarlet’s Walk, Sacramento, CA 04/13/2003

this post is time-traveling to you from the past as i’m currently in columbus, OH seeing the first show of the tour from one of my other musical loves, fleetwood mac. while there isn’t a chance they’ll be doing this one since christine isn’t around anymore, it’s one of my favorite tori covers, and i was thrilled to hear it come out again in toronto in 2011. but, this is the version i have decided on.

as to that other fleetwood mac song that comes up a lot more often in tori’s repertoire, that’ll come up eventually here too, i’m sure (and maybe that one that happened once).

hope you’re all having a good night…i am :)

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Tori Amos - Past the Mission (with Story)
Plugged, Columbus, OH 11/29/1998

the akron, OH show from the night before this one is often cited as one of the best tori shows, and it’s one of the most widely-traded boots, but i think the columbus show is just as good (okay, almost as good).

our girl goes on a bit about Mission’s origin story before playing a pretty intense version backed by the boys. it’s always been one of my favorite songs, and to me, one of the most lyrically intriguing. this version sheds a little bit of light on what’s going on in that head.

(incidentally, i’ll be in columbus tomorrow night…more about that in tomorrow’s post)

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Tori Amos - Space Dog (with Improv)
American Doll Posse, Oakland, CA 08/12/2007

okay okay okay here’s really something from 2007…

i don’t have much to say about Space Dog other than if you don’t love Space Dog, get off my plane.

2007 versions were particularly spunky, paired with this improv before matt busts in with the drums. it’s all pretty badass.

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Tori Amos - Oil Spill
Lolla-Pa-Foods-A, Atlantic City, NJ 04/15/2007

rare recording of tori’s appearance at 2007’s Lolla-Pa-Foods-A festival, where she performed this “not so subtle” environmental song. as far as we know, this is the only time Oil Spill has been brought out on stage. she’s an interesting girl for sure.

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Tori Amos - Putting the Damage On
Night of Hunters, New York, NY 12/02/2011

despite this being one of tori’s most heartbreaking songs to me, i wanted to play this song tonight, even though i’m feeling the complete opposite of this. i had a really great weekend. so when i was trying to decide which version to play, i picked this one because that girl at the beginning who goes “no…no…NO!” always cracks me up because that’s totally how i feel when i hear the opening notes of this song too. it’s one of my favorites, despite how it makes me feel. but this version makes me laugh too.

cover by iamdebbiedowner.tumblr.com

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